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Nominate a Bridge to Build

The Build Ministry is all about building metaphorical bridges to close gaps within our community. Our heart behind this is that "love builds up" (1 Corinthians 8:1). Everything we accomplish through our Build ministry does not only leave an impact today, but also has an eternal value and impact. As we build bridges, we want Love to be the driving force.

Please complete the questionnaire below to nominate a bridge that will help meet needs of a community member. We encourage you to submit any requests for qualified needs:

What is a Need?

Qualified needs:

  • Have a local connection to Johnston County and/or are located within a 30 mile radius of Clayton, NC
  • Are nominated by another person 18 years or older who agrees to walk alongside the nominee 
  • Align with OneCompassion’s mission to impact and develop people
  • Have proof of crisis
  • Reflect the nominee’s continuous effort to build their bridge as far as they can considering their resources

Needs are ineligible if they are:

  • A conflict of interest nominated by a direct family member (spouse or son/daughter)
  • Not connected to a nominator and nominee who are both willing to meet for quarterly support
  • Located outside of a 30 mile radius of Clayton, NC

Our mission is to glorify God by impacting and developing people. One way we are able to achieve this is by responding to current nominated needs in the community.

Build Application

Please Submit a photo of the person (or people) you wish to nominate. Applicants who do not submit a photo will not be considered. Please send us the photo by either clicking the button below or sending us an email to with the nominee's name in the subject line.

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Nominator Information

Nominee Information

Need Information

By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving OneCompassion Team permission to contact you via email or phone.